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Stage is a mirror of life - filled with live pictures framed in metaphors. As a creator I wish to share my way of portraying these pictures and invite you to find the mirror looking right back at you.

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©Georg M. Skowronek



Malwina is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, guest rehearsal director and former director of ConTrust Collective | Dresden. She was born in Warsaw, Poland and currently resides in Dresden. Malwina graduated from National Ballet School of Warsaw and continued studies at Salzburg SEAD in Salzburg, Austria. Subsequently obtained MA in contemporary stage dance and BA in dance pedagogy at A. Brückner Privatuniversität in Linz, Austria.


Former member of Cie. Off Verticality / C.O.V. in Linz (Austria), Program SEEDs at CobosMika Company in Palamos (Spain), Fabula Saltica in Rovigo (Italy), Landesbühnen Sachsen Theatre in Radebeul (Germany), as well as a freelance dancer in various projects across Europe. 2015 - 2020 director and choreographer of ConTrust Collective | Dresden, collaborating and coproducing with theatres and festivals in Germany and abroad. Her production TRUST won several choreography and dramaturgy prizes.


Malwina has recently worked with neue Bühne Senftenberg and Oper Frankfurt and continues collaborating with Semper Oper Dresden, and other freelance companies in Saxony. She is also active as a teacher of regular classes and workshop for dance companies and schools.


©Melissa Berhold

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TRUST Production Awards

2016: 9th CORTOINDANZA Festival in Cagliari, Sardinia

The Best Choreographic Dramaturgy

2016: 17th International SoloDuo Festival in Budapest, Hungary

Special Mention

„The jury appreciates the partnering work of the duet of Malwina Stepien and Martin Angiuli, which reflected detailed and discovered qualities of their dancing together“.

2015: 7th International SoloDuo NRW+Friends Festival at Barnes Crossing in Cologne, Germany

The Best Emerging Artists Duo Prize

„With a serene as well enticing choreography TRUST by Malwina Stepien creates different moods with a soft and clear focus. We see a successful blend of the different influences within current contemporary dance – performed with ease“.


Malwina Stepien|Martin Angiuli

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On Stage

On Stage


How To Hear a Painting
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Melissa Berthold
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