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CHOREOGRAPHY: Malwina Stepien

DANCERS: Zaneta Majcher | Rika Yotsumoto | Iacopo Loliva / Mattia Saracino | Luigi Sardone

MUSIC: Adam Sojka | Collage

2019 | Projekttheater Dresden | DE

©Georg M. Skowronek

How does the state of mind influences and drive our perceptions, decisions and our physicality? What happens when severe states clashes with current social pursuit of excessive happiness?

State of melancholy creates constant motion between will and give up, chaos and emptiness, risk and passiveness, excitement and depression. Thus it can become a state of being in between, suspended in point zero in the intermission, between reality and imaginary.

Intermission is a journey through emotional states, exploring interference between vulnerability, authentic emotions and an attempt to avoid or refuse the dialogue in society.

In coproduction with Tanzbühne Dresden e.V.
Supported by Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and TENZA

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© 2022 Malwina Stepien

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