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CHOREOGRAPHY: Malwina Stepien

DANCERS: Martin Angiuli / Telmo Branco | Alberto Cissello | Malwina Stepien

MUSIC: Collage

2017 | Cagliari, Sardinia | IT


©Federica Zedda

©Michael Theis

©Network Danza Puglia

©Daniele Mantovani

Trust is one of the most powerful components of human nature and defines the process of creating relations and reality in which we choose to live. It is an ambiguous feeling which we constantly search for but at the same time we are afraid of.

As believes create a mental architecture of how we interpret the world, we often take for granted what's situated in front of us, we rely on it, and thus it shapes us unnoticed day by day. They can make us do strange things and often we don't even question the motives of our choices. certain convictions becoming a part of a social box.


TRUST it's a dynamic journey through that construction, in which the performers discover the unknown space and redefine the relations with others.

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© 2022 Malwina Stepien

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